650.00 $
Xaar 1003-GS12C Printhead (MITRA PRINT)

Publicado hace 6 meses
35 visualizaciones

650.00 $
Xaar 1003-GS12C Printhead (MITRA PRINT)

Publicado hace 6 meses
35 visualizaciones


Buy Xaar 1003-GS12C Printhead from Mitra Print is 100% safe,Because purchase products at MitraPrint provide a 100% money back guarantee.Location Mitra Print : Jl. S. Parman No.211 Medan.To purchase online visit the website :www.mitraprint.com

WWW.MITRAPRINT.COM : Sell Brand model Printhead and Printers : Canon, Epson, Graptek, HP,Konica, Mimaki, Mutoh, Ricoh, Roland, Seiko, Spectra, Toshiba, Vutex, and Xaar

Price : USD 650.00 / Pcs
Min Order : 1 - 5 Pcs
Lead Time : 6 – 9 Days
Port : CIF / Kualanamu International Airport
Terms : T / T, Western Union, Paypal, Money Gram
Shipment : FedEx, DHL, UPS
Product : Ori and Ready in stock


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Ridho Mitraprint
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Descripción del vendedor Mitraprint is a leading supplier of products Printers and Parts,Our Company is an authorized dealer founded in 2019 in Medan City .Mitraprint is retailer operates web stores, specializing in specific categories ranging from Inkjet printer, Ink, Print Head, Engraving Machines, 3D Printers, Dental Milling Machines, Laminator, Scanners and Heat Press Machine.

We are committed to providing and selling all kinds of popular print and have warranty.We sell some of the best brands such as MIMAKI, ROLAND, MUTOH, SUMMA, SPECTRA, RICOH, SEIKO, U-MARQ, CANON, EPSON, HP, GRAPHTEC, XAAR, etc. And purchase products at Mitraprint provide a 100% money back guarantee and 100% safe, Because Mitraprint the best of the best.

We are reputed Supplier Printers and Printhead in our country.We started the online bussiness for provide our costumers service. Our business philosophy is simple: give consumers and businesses what they want, when they want it.

We never stop improving our world class operation by putting our customers - and their needs - first.Our sales team is dedicated to give you expert advice on all things about Printer and all categories machine, from Sizing, Quality, Best choice and any technical questions you may have.

We believe our business is built on relationships with our customers, partners, investors, employees, and with the communities where we live and work. To keep those relationships strong, our goals are simply stated: no cheats to customers,no harm to consumers and always providing best products with best price.

Jl. S. Parman No.211, 20112, Medan, Miranda, Venezuela

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    Xaar 1003-GS12C Printhead (MITRA PRINT) Xaar 1003-GS12C Printhead (MITRA PRINT) Xaar 1003-GS12C Printhead (MITRA PRINT)
    650.00 $ Xaar 1003-GS12C Printhead (MITRA PRINT) por Ridho Mitraprint